100 Stories Vol. 4

by Jason Paul Johnston

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This is the fourth installment of a ten volume work featuring Jason Paul Johnston’s songwriting. More of Jason and his music can be found at the following:


Thank You’s:

Big thanks to my wife Melissa, to whom I owe many overdue poems. Special thanks again to Ted Denies of the Netherlands for the cover photograph. And thank you to the folks at Rarebird Records and anyone who has given me a word of encouragement along the way. Thanks to God for the blessing of having the time, means and health to do this - life is a gift.

So often we musicians don’t give thanks to those who have inspired and influenced us. As I listened to the final mixes, I need to give thanks to the people who give these songs roots : Among them I must mention Wilco, the Eagles, U2, Radiohead, Gram Parsons, Mumford & Sons, the Avett Brothers, Tom Waits, Ennio Morricone and Mr. Johnny Cash.


released June 1, 2012

All Songs written and recorded by Jason Paul Johnston © 2012
Performance rights admin by BMI
Release Date: June 1, 2012
Rarebird Records


all rights reserved



Jason Paul Johnston Lexington, Kentucky

Jason is the son of a preacher from the Great White North (Canada) and a music teacher from Tennessee, giving his muse northern and southern winds. Jason released his first album "Willows Motel" in 2009. It was an americana inspired album of eleven originals and one old gospel tune. Jason is now working on a series of follow-up albums: 100 Stories Volumes 1-10 ... more

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Track Name: High Noon
High Noon
© 2006 Jason Paul Johnston

How long – until this splinter of dawn
Shines on - into the high noon of day

Light a candle scare the night away
A beam or two maybe just crack the shades...
The sun to help the shadows fade
A fire to keep some of the gloom at bay

How long – until this splinter of dawn
Shines on - into the high noon of day
When will – this stumble path be filled
With full light – to leave a brighter way

I've got a picture in my mind
I wish it was of me just doing, fine
Like a sunny field that I could paint
But there’s no flowers, and it’s all in the shade

Track Name: Give In To Summer
Give In To Summer
© 2012 Jason Paul Johnston

Give into summer when it arrives
Don’t stay in the season of winter that dies
Don’t look to fall or the change that it brings
Live in this moment that blossoms from spring

And when the sun shines, I’ll always be here by your side
And when the moon is high, we’ll run and splash in every tide
Until the road is gone, we’ll keep it loud and play it strong
To every (happy) song, all summer long we’ll sing along
Why think of tomorrow? Just stop worrying.
Each day has enough trouble it brings.
Just look at the flowers. And the birds of the air.
They’re not concerned - he has taken good care.

Oh…embrace the day
Oh, let it take your cares away
Track Name: Come Over
Come Over
© 2006 Jason Paul Johnston

I want to see your face - The soft light on your skin
Through the window blind embrace - The lines are curving in
But there’s more between - Than this darkness sheet
It’s going to take a move - It’s going to take some need…

So come over….

I spoke too soon, and didn’t say enough
Used the wrong words, didn’t open up
In fact I closed the door, I had flipped the lock
I was waiting for the strength to line my voice up with my walk

So come over….
Track Name: Overdue Poem
Overdue Poem
© 2003 Jason Paul Johnston

It's been a while, I know I should have said all this before
I've waited too long, to offer you this over-due poem
I hope you will keep it, The ramblings of a love stuck little man
Forget my forgetting, and please hold out your hand

'cause I had forgotten your beautiful face
And left out the part you extended me grace
But now, I'm here, to say...

That when I see your face – I can't believe I ever went away
When I see your face – I don't know why I didn't stay
When I see your face – I just start to pray

I've written so much, but very little that pertained to you
Stories of myself, I came up with it all, and some of it was true

But I had forgotten your beautiful face
And left out the part you extended me grace
But now, I'm here to say... chorus


In the morning I'll rise, in the evening I'll fall
At your consistent hand and your exquisite power
I will pick up my life, I will answer your call
And step into the circle and give you my all....

Track Name: Last Time Again
Last Time Again
© 2005 Jason Paul Johnston

Tell me straight – cause I need to know
Why did you leave? Why did you have to go?
Stop the lies – you’ve got to spill
It all on the table or someone else will

Next time – you won’t get the chance
I will leave you, as sure as you wear the pants
Next time – don’t think that you’ll win
Is that you at the door? Ok…I’ll let you in
Just this once, but it’s the last time again

I did it again, I let you in
Was it the puppy dog eyes – or that stupid grin?
Maybe you drugged me or hypnotized
But I’m sure it’s the last time, I let you inside


What’s that sound, how’d you get in?
The deadbolt was on but here you sit
I guess, I should take your key
But that might just mean – that you’d really leave…


Just this once, make it the last time again...
Track Name: Blame Me
Blame Me
© 2005 Jason Paul Johnston

Nobody to blame but me - And I'll take it square on the chin
If you will begin...to - Untangle this destiny
It's all wrapped up in a ball - And I'm beginning to stall....

So close to the crest of the hill - My legs they are slipping
My breath now is failing - So near to that downward tilt
But my strength it has faltered - Instead of a slope there's a wall here...

Oh, Oh, Oh Where did you go? I thought you were my friend then you cut me short
I I I can’t stand the thought – of losing it all, even something that’s not
Or Or Or just stand in line, that in the end I find is just a big waste of time
Oh Oh Oh I must believe, to see the forest sometimes I’ve got to stand in the tree

Nobody to blame but me -I guess that's half of the problem
Time to pick up a job them - So I'll have some company
Even if they're just as steady - Misery's kind of friendly...


Second by second the clock tock rings out loss, loss, loss, loss
And I'm stuck here in the middle of it all…
Of all that was, and is and what might never be
Or what could be vacuity if it were left up to me

It all was a passing dream
Now I'm wide awake – and I'm ready to take
A dose of reality
I’ll look straight through the mirror
As it starts to look clearer…
Track Name: Stop You
Stop You
© 2012 Jason Paul Johnston

I can’t stop you…
I can’t draw an end, it’s true…
With all I do…
It’s like it’s never through...

And then there’s the pause
Could I be the cause?
Then shortly the sound
Of you crashing down to the ground

My mask is down...
I’m done with acting the clown…
Dressed up for the very last time...
I’m through with my pitiful mime…
Track Name: Red Rider
Red Rider
© 2005 Jason Paul Johnston

I've got an old red rider – and I know just where it's been
It's been to the end of the Rio Grande – and the fields of Wisconsin
It's a history map of trouble – see the bullets in the skin
It's been left for dead twice counting – and it's half alive again
Red rider

Red he steps up in the thick of it, and stands off in the thin
Got a mind that I can't realize – and leaves me wondering
What the other folks are thinking – when they trade their old horse in
I'd say it's just about the same – as turning in a friend
Red rider

ah – ah – ah – Red Rider

Red saved by life a dozen times and never looked for thanks
Never took more than was offered and never had too much to drank
Always kept his mind on duty and in trouble did not shake
At the ripping sound of outlaw guns he would trampled them like snakes
Red Rider

ah – ah – ah – Red Rider

Someday soon the night will come when I lay old Red to rest
When I've saddle up for one last time and brush his dusty chest
I'll put an apple by his pale mouth but he will feed no more
As he drifts off thinking fondly of the long days that we rode – red rider
Red Rider
Track Name: We Stare
We Stare
© 2005 Jason Paul Johnston

She stares into a cup - Of paper empty now
I know just how she feels, But I'm not sure just how
She stares into my eyes, The contact makes me see
That I am someone nice, That I just might be real

And though I can see out And stare up from the ground
She reaches out her hand And in the touch I'm found

Every day I see her now - And I can't live without
No I can't live without - Each day I see her now

I stare into a wall - Of concrete looking off
It's painted with some tears - It's peeling from my loss
I close my eyes to stop - The emptiness I see
But all I get is dark - And all I feel is steel

And so many people hunger - It's so hard to feel
So many people hunger - So hard to feed
So many with without - But it's so hard to give what's real
so many lights are blinding – so hard – to even – see....
Track Name: Saints and Sinners
Song of Saints and Sinners
© 2006 Jason Paul Johnston
(Amazing Grace lyrics - John Newton)

I scar my knees again
My neck is sorely bent
Not from a pious posture
It's how my mouth can vent

It's a song of saints and sinners
Popes and convicts, pimps and priests
Of the lowest form of winner
Of the highest wretched beast

Not far from my best sin
It's crouching at the door
It calls my name, knows my shoe size
It’s got 20 new styles, it just picked up from the store

I'm falling now – and I can't flap my arms again
I'll hit the ground – if you don't pull me back...


(Amazing Grace - How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now am found
Was blind but now I see)