100 Stories Vol. 3

by Jason Paul Johnston

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100 Stories Vol. 3
All Songs written and recorded by Jason Paul Johnston © 2012

Performance rights admin by BMI
Release Date: April 1, 2012
Rarebird Records

This is the third installment of a ten volume work featuring Jason Paul Johnston’s songwriting.

Thank You’s:
Thanks to my wife Melissa for her faithfulness, love and ongoing support of my music. Thanks as always to the fine people of Rarebird Records for their encouragement and feedback.

Special thanks to Ted Denies of the Netherlands for the very excellent cover photograph. Please check out his photography at: pinterest.com/ted1960/mobile-phone-photo-s-2012/


released April 1, 2012

All songs, instruments and recording by Jason Paul Johnston © 2012. Cover Photo by Ted Denies © 2012


all rights reserved



Jason Paul Johnston Lexington, Kentucky

Jason is the son of a preacher from the Great White North (Canada) and a music teacher from Tennessee, giving his muse northern and southern winds. Jason released his first album "Willows Motel" in 2009. It was an americana inspired album of eleven originals and one old gospel tune. Jason is now working on a series of follow-up albums: 100 Stories Volumes 1-10 ... more

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Track Name: Time Flies
Time Flies
© Jason Paul Johnston 2010

Oh time, where did you go?
I was so fast you were so slow
I didn’t see when you went by
And took the lead before my eyes

Oh time flies, Oh how time flies,
Oh time flies, oh how time....

Oh time, I was so young
You were so brave we had some fun
You were my friend and then you turned
And took away all that I’ve earned

Oh time flies, Oh how time flies,
Oh time flies, oh how time....
Track Name: Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
© Jason Paul Johnston 2006

You're out there I'm in here – so what's it going to be?
When come on home, and I am here - how will you find me?
Will you find me in a ball in the corner with my back in?
Or will you find me ten feet tall and slaying every dragon?

Oh I hope and pray that I'm a dragon slayer
Yes I hope for your sake, that I can be a dragon slayer

All alone – wondering what to do
All I've got is this campfire light, the flames seem so true
They are dancing in the light, wish you were right here
And it’s growing as the fire takes over the room

But I hope and pray, that I can be a fireman some day
Yeah, I hope for your sake, that I can be a fireman today

His claws are out, Teeth are bared – outweighs me by a ton
He’s the top of the chain, He’s the Jungle King – Maybe I should just run
Cause all I’ve got is this stool and a hoop to jump through
And a little bit of meat, but what’s next when that’s through?

Oh I hope and pray, that I can be a lion tamer
Yes I hope for your sake, I could be a lion tamer

There’s a want ad on the table looking for the human race
When will I have the guts to apply and take my place?

I hope and pray, to be better than I am today
I hope for your sake, to be more than I am someday – someday…
Track Name: Aware
© Jason Paul Johnston 2006

Yes, I’m aware of people
I’ve read about them in detail
I’ve seen them laugh. I have heard them weeping.
And If I live a little longer, might even meet them.

Are we awake? Or are we sleeping?
My eyes are open, and open season
To everything, I believe in everything
But to dream is easy, it’s breathing that makes me queasy

Sometimes I park in the walkway
just to make them flood in my direction…
I catch their glares with my stare
as my insolence has just formed a connection….

They’re all around, they’re walking by me
They can’t sneak through – my mind is grabbing
They look away and my eyes they follow
My x-ray vision sees them, and they’re hollow

The light turns green, the hand flashes
The humans stop, the last man dashes
The cars move in and the people scatter
They’re all off to find some peace and way to matter
They’re all off to find peace and some way to matter
Track Name: Transmission
© Jason Paul Johnston 2008
(For Jana & Luke)

I think you’ll fly someday to the stars
You leave us all behind in our fossil fueled cars

Take to the air in a beam of light
I can’t look right at your future, it’s so bright

But I hope you have your mother’s disposition
And I hope you never find yourself in my conditions
But there’s so much that is left up to transmission
So I hope - and pray everyday

I think you’ll make a world, full of love and peace
Or maybe cure some sort of terminal disease
Or at least find a better way we can all get along
Maybe you’ll be the one to write the perfect song
Track Name: Lock the Doors and Elevate the Threat Level to Yellow
Lock the Doors and Elevate the Threat to Yellow
© Jason Paul Johnston 2006

Everyone's a threat – we are subject to search
We are herded, we are prodded and security looks stern
Oh when will we learn?
Just to stay inside and fear all the world we can’t change
All the terror, all the terror – oh the terror – they're insane!
And so easy to blame...

Lock, Lock double lock the doors behind you
Never looking out, always looking in it's so much safer
They all threaten everything you stand for
Never let them in, it’s the only sure way to remain the same
The only way we’ll stay the same

Follow all the rules, memorize them each day
Keep them pinned inside your jacket, post them in your door ways...
Mark each step the same
Never ever doubt, stop that questioning
Keep it steady, keep it steady, keep it steady
This boat is amazing! If you stop rocking…

You stir every instinct to just fear what we don’t know
If we use our minds and hearts, we can see right through this show
“Remove their humanity” is the first lie that’s told
And then it’s easier to pluck off their souls…
Track Name: Unloaded Gun
Unloaded Gun
© Jason Paul Johnston 2006

A loaded gun is a bad, bad thing
A knife on the counter is kind of the same
Pulls for a hand to give it some strength
Pulls at your head and gives your arm length

You say that weapon is unmanned now
Remove the human and you still have the cause
Remove the cause and it stops the effect
And then you’ve got some peace on your hands…

If you want peace – you’ve got to make up your mind
If you want war – drop the troops and draw a line
If you want peace – don’t put it to the test
If you want war – load your weapons, let emotion do the rest

Some say that nowadays diplomacy’s dead
It was an art, now it’s all painted red
And framed in paper with dollar signs
Sold to the highest bidder in the lobby line

You say your hand was forced, but your gun was cocked
You say it was defense, but your target was locked

‘Cause I want peace – But we must all decide
We don’t want war – pull the troops and draw the line
We all want peace – put your dollars to the test
We don’t want war – unload the weapons, let our voices do the rest
Track Name: Break Through the Blue
Break Through the Blue
© Jason Paul Johnston 2009

Nothing left but this, so it will do
A few grains in my hand, when all the rest have run through
Nothing left is green, at least in view
Seeds are deep enough but these bills are past due

I guess that means I wait here till
the rain breaks through the blue

Had some helping hands but they are gone
Fed them well enough, it was an honest job
But dry ground tilling is hard work to do
At the end of the day, when your strength & sweat has all run through

I guess that means I wait here till
the rain breaks through the blue

If there was a dance, I would get on my feet
To form the clouds when I call, storms when I speak
But amount of branch waving seems to stir you
No old magic is strong enough to do

I guess that means I wait here till
the rain breaks through the blue
Track Name: Ten Things
Ten Things
© Jason Paul Johnston 2008

I’d Like to: Climb up some big mountain with you, the kind where we are tied in two with the wind to our face and our packs full of food, yes I’d like to…
I’d like to: Start a Tupperware club with you, and invite all your friends and your family too, we would spend all night just talking ‘bout what it all could do…

Here we are a few years on
There are surprises though some are gone
But now you’re right back in the heart of my song

There are Ten things I want to say to you
but only one of them is true: I love you

I’d like to: Watch you organize my personal stuff
While I fold the towels, sure enough, I’d love to
And then watch a romantic comedy and afterwards dance to some hip-hop-ity music
oh yes I’d love to

I’d like to: Find an expensive sport we’d play,
Then join the club and go there every day…that’s what I love to do
And then retire to the suburbs and die of old age, and never know our neighbors, and keep the kids far away…oh yay…wouldn’t that be so cool?
Track Name: Nothing
© Jason Paul Johnston 2005

I see you lightly there - standing in the forest of your own creation
Thoughts ring round your head - like nymphs and fairies of elation

So what can we say about it? What can we do?
Nothing to say about it. Nothing to do. How bout you?

I am standing here - might as well be an ocean between us
Reaching towards your hand - slapped away yet touch you I must

So what can we do about it? What can we say?
Nothing to do about it. Nothing to say. So I pray:

God where are you now? It seems somehow I might have missed you.
Are you still looking down in love? Or gazing past me with disinterest?

So what will you say about it? What will you do?
Is there nothing to say about it? Nothing to do?
Track Name: Rhymes With Surrender
Rhymes with Surrender
© Jason Paul Johnston 2008

I’m no first offender - but I’m a mentor – to the contender – for the lightweights of shame
Then I’m a vendor of all the splendor – every smile I can render - as I light the spotlight of blame

And I can’t remember – how I was sent here - with this busted fender – or the way I came
Oh, it was last September – or maybe November - when I was a member – of the human race

Oh I’m a dissenter, and then a repenter, as I show my gender and mumble her name
Become a pretender, holding my tempter as I douse the embers, on this eternal flame

If I could just enter, into the center and be a defender of my rightful place
But I just dismember, every help every fence here, and forget the slender, nerve that moves your embrace